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Catholic Reflections: Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year B - Sunday, 29 April 2018

Homily Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year B - Sunday, 29 April 2018

First Reading: Acts 9:26-31
Psalm: Ps 21:26-28. 30-32. “
I will praise you, Lord, in the assembly of your people.
Second Reading: 1 John 3:18-24
Gospel Acclamation: John 15:4-5
Gospel: John 15:1-8
Please listen to my audio recordings of the readings, prayers and reflections for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year B - Sunday, 29 April 2018 by clicking this link here: https://soundcloud.com/user-633212303/easter-5b-faith-hope-and-love  (EPISODE: 93 )
One of my all-time favourite images in the new testament writings is this concept of us “abiding”  or living in God,  and God abiding and living in us…..   It is mentioned several times, including in John’s Gospel but also in John’s letters and other New Testament letters*

Can we picture a more deep connection than being united with God by means of God dwelling in our hearts and making a home in us…  and us in him…  this is the profound concept of communion in the widest sense of that word.  

Inspired by these wonderful readings this weekend…..
To me, the following things would be a wonderful rule of life, they should constantly be in our thoughts and prayers:

Prayer, and connection to God
Attention to what God is doing in our lives.
Reflection on our lives and actions.. to honestly and openly and regularly look back at our decisions, our actions and our values and see how they match with God’s love.
Stillness, to allow God to be present to us and speak to our listening and attentive hearts......
Oneness, we are called to unity with God and each other  !!

We are all invited to be disciples and friends of Jesus……
The word “Disciple” means “one who learns”……
 Our role is to learn from Jesus. To get to know him, to learn something about his words and his teaching to observe reverently what he nurtures as his deeply-embedded attitudes and values  …. so that we might capture and nurture that same Spirit, that same inner strength and drive as our teacher possesses by his very nature.

Our Gospel this weekend is that great image of the Vine and the branches….. it shows the deep connection we have and are
called to have, with Jesus……

We are called to not only observe and learn about Jesus, but to allow Jesus’ and his presence, his message, his attitudes, to become so much part of us that Jesus lives in us, and we live in God…… we abide in each other……. Further….. we gain our source, our meaning and our fruitfulness FROM that connection to Christ….
Without Jesus, our efforts are misdirected and fruitless…… connected to Jesus, our actions and efforts can bear much fruit, by God working in and through our lives………
The connection of this image of the vine and branches… can’t help but highlight the importance of Eucharist. In Eucharist, Jesus comes to us in the form of food and drink…. we take Jesus in and he becomes part of us….. so that we may become more like Christ in our words and actions. and lives…
At this time, many young ones all around the world are preparing in their parishes to receive their first holy communion …..
this Gospel we heard today is very special because it shows us that we are all connected the Our Lord.....   We are friends and members of  Jesus.

Whenever we gather at Mass, we come together as disciples and friends of Jesus and we do as Our Lord taught us to do...  we take and eat the bread of life... and we drink of the chalice of the Lord's blood.  And we believe that this is not just a SIGN of our connection to Jesus, but it actually joins us to Jesus...  like the branches are necessarily joined to the vine..........  We also believe by receiving Jesus in this way.....  God renews us, forgives us, unites us and commissions us… we believe that Jesus comes to us in this receiving of his body and blood in Eucharist......, that Jesus is really present in this sacrament, and that Jesus comes into our hearts and we become more and more part of Jesus’ life…. (we become the branches of a heavenly plant… and Jesus is the life-giving and living vine)……..and then we go out into our daily lives to live his commandments to show God's love and care for each other in practical ways…

“I am the vine, says the Lord, and you are the branches…. whoever abides in Jesus and Jesus abides in them, will bear much fruit in their lives.”
Fr Paul W. Kelly

* https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Abiding-In-Christ
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Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year B
Sunday, 29 April 2018)

(EPISODE: 93 )

The Lord be with you.
Brothers and sisters, let us acknowledge our sins,
and so prepare ourselves to celebrate the sacred mysteries.
Lord Jesus, you raise us to new life: Lord, have mercy// //Lord Jesus, you forgive us our sins:Christ, have mercy//Lord Jesus, you feed us with your body and blood:Lord, have mercy//
May almighty God have mercy on us, forgive us our sins, and bring us to everlasting life.  Amen.

Memorial Acclamation

When we eat this Bread and drink this Cup, we proclaim your Death, O Lord, until you come again.


Easter III

Euch prayer III

Communion side.  pwk: 
Go in peace.

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