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Catholic Reflections 662 : Good Friday Passion - 30th March, 2018

Homily Good Friday Passion - 30th March, 2018

First Reading: Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12
Psalm: Ps 30:2. 6. 12-13. 15-17. 25. “Father, I put my life in your hands”
Second Reading: Hebrews 4:14-16; 5:7-9
Gospel Acclamation: Philippians 2:8-9
Passion: John 18:1 - 19:42
Solemn Intercessions
Veneration of the Cross
Departure in Silence
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Christ  is the visible expression of God.  And, as we commemorate the solemn festival of Our Lord’s suffering and death..  we see that Jesus is the visible expression of God’s love (which is deeper and more heartfelt than anyone could ever fathom)… and he is the visible expression of God’s mercy, compassion, and kindness… Christ is also the visible expression of God’s Kingdom, God’s priorities and values…  and they are beautifully different from what the world often values highest….    Christ…  shows us that God is complete, self-sacrificing love and mercy…  Christ is “self-emptying love and service for others”….   Jesus is about giving the very last drop of his blood out of love and service to others…. 

Through Christ’s suffering and death, we are saved..  we are freed..  we are forgiven..  we are given hope to endure all the many “little deaths” and trials and suffering of this world..  For God has the final say.. and it is a word of hope and love…

In just a short while, in this ceremony, we will have the adoration of the wood of the Holy Cross…..  as we show our individual veneration of the Cross…   We nail, as it were, to the cross of Christ, all our sins..  our trials..  our temptations..  our failings..  our doubts..  our pride.. our selfishness.. our lack of compassion..  our failures to love…   our illness..   our worries..  our thwarted priorities….

When it comes time to venerate the cross,  each of us is invited to think (quietly to oneself and to God, who is in the secret places of our heart)… Think of what you are nailing to the cross as you come forward, Because Christ died to save us all…  To include us as God’s beloved sons and daughters….…  To show us God’s mercy and most of all, to show us that God is always loving and always faithful…  …… yes..  even in our darkest hour…..   
Fr Paul W. Kelly

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