Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Extra Reflection (16th Ordinary A) - The Treasure of Unimaginable Value.

The Treasure of Unimaginable Value.

Surely, the treasure in a field mentioned in this weekend’s gospel, is the priceless treasure of God’s Kingdom, and faith and union with Our Lord.  The Treasure is the Gospel of Jesus and his values.  It is worth putting all our efforts and energy into and it is worth more than anything else we can imagine.

This brings to my heart a profound sense of gratitude for the countless generations of Christians who valued the treasure of faith that, they in turn, have had handed down to them from their families and teachers.  Countless generations of Christians have believed so much in the treasure of the faith that they have put their energy, their lives and their resources into building it up. 

We have a wonderful tradition of Catholic/ Christian faith being an integral part of this area of the Gold Coast.  We give thanks to God for inspiring people in this region and throughout the world to invest in the Christian education of young people and to building churches where God is worshipped and the Gospel made tangible in this place and time. 

We only have to look around us to see living symbols of the Treasure lying in a field.  We cherish the commitment of so many generous people who have built Churches and schools. These buildings represent the inner treasure of the Christian faith applied concretely to the places we live, work and socialise.  Let us join in thanking God for the generations who have put into practical action their deep understanding that the Gospels and discipleship in Christ is worth a wholehearted and priceless commitment of time, talent and treasure.  God continues to inspire us to nurture and prioritise our efforts around building up the spiritual treasure which is The Kingdom of God and Jesus’ transforming gospel.

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